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Stud Number: 4068DA

Hips 3-5 12/03/2015
Elbows 0-0 12/03/2015
Eyes unaffected by RD, GPRA, HC.
CNM Clear 23/02/2016
EIC Clear 13/02/2016
pcrd-PRA Clear 19/02/2016



‘Teddy’ is a honest reliable dog with a gentle and kind nature. Fantastic hunting ability with a great nose coupled with energy but a calm and biddable dog to work with.

‘Teddy’ has successfully completed all his health checks.
Clear DNA Tests. SD2, EIC, HNPK, CNM, prcd-PRA .
Eyes unaffected. TRD, GPRA, CPRA, HC.
Hips 3/5 Elbows 0/0

Eyes Unaffected 02.01.2019


A delightful and easy character to spend time with. Sits happily at the peg on
the few occasions that I shoot, otherwise he is picking up in a team of 6 dogs including the cocker spaniels.

A real gentleman.

Winner of numerous awards at working test level, puppy, novice and open including
1st Special Puppy UGS Sy 2015
1st Novice Water LRC 2015
1st Open HGC 2016
1st Open HGC 2017

He represented the Hampshire Gundog Club as the Open dog in all team events for the year 2016.

Winner of numerous awards in Field Trials
1st LRC Wales 2016
2nd Cornwall FT Soc. 2016
3rd Duchy 2016
4th HBBBH 2015
COM All Aged HBBBH 2016
Com SWFT 2016

Once again he had a successful 2017, winning his first Open test and going on to run in various teams during the season.

He also represented the Hampshire Gundog Club as the Open dog in all team events for the year 2017.

Member of the winning team at Burghley and highest scoring individual dog.

Teddy sadly had only one run in field trials this year where he was not placed but went through to the 2nd day.

He has now finished his season and has proven himself to be an exceptional game finder and a valuable member of the picking up team who were out three times a week.


Teddy started this year at Crufts by winning “Best Field Trial Dog” for 2018. What a fantastic all round dog he is proving to be.
This has now been followed up by winning “Best Field Trial Dog’ at the KSS LRC Championship show 2018.

In addition he has represented various clubs around the country and was once again in the winning team at Burghley.

Teddy has now won a 2 Day Open Qualifier at the Carmarthenshire WGS which qualifies him for the 2018 IGL Championships.

A proven sire.

Teddy’s Pedigree.




Stud Number: 4358DB

Hips 3-2 22/03/2016
Elbows 0-0 22/03/2016
Eyes unaffected by RD, GPRA, HC.
CNM Clear 27/09/2016
EIC Clear 26/09/2016
pcrd-PRA Clear 11/10/2016
SD2  Clear 26/09/2016
HNPK Clear 26/09/2016



Finlay is a handsome, intelligent and a very talented gundog. Fast, eye-catching, biddable and a great game finder.

From an early age he showed great promise and has lived up to it. Won his first Novice working test at the age of 11 months.

In his first season of field trialling he achieved seven awards in the seven trials he had runs in –

2nd Novice
1st Novice
Com 2 Day Open
1st One Day Open
3rd One Day Open
3rd One Day Open
COM 2 Day Open

He has just completed his first full season of picking up and he continues to improve.

A very exciting dog to own and I look forward to our future together.

Winner of the BASC Tower Bird Trophy for 2017/2018 for the earning the highest points in the season.

Delighted to say that Finlay won the CNWSRS 2 day Open qualifier on Oct 22-23.2018, so will be going to the 2018 IGL Championships.

In addition this has made him up to Field Trial Champion.

Finlay has been selected to run in the England Team for 2019.

A proven sire.

Finlay’s Pedigree




AMC Clear
pcrd-PRA Clear 09/03/2017
AON Clear 08/03/2017
FN Clear 09/02/2016

A handsome cocker who has worked regularly as part of a large picking up team. Great game finding ability coupled with biddability makes this dog a really useful member of the team. A gentleman on and off the field. A lovely affectionate nature and was a joy to train, being an enthusiastic pupil.

Axi’s Pedigree.